How To Make A Success Of A Home Candle Making Business

Owning a home candle making business requires a big commitment and strong business management skills to be successful. It is not only a candle making home business that requires that but any home based business owner needs to focus on ‘doing’ and ‘selling’. People who set up craft type home based businesses do so because they love what they do so they always get drawn to the making side of the business and it is so easy to forget the marketing side.

Time management in home based businesses

Because craft home based businesses are so labor intensive the hands on owner tends to overlook the marketing side of their business. This is not done on purpose, but often the owner feels that for every hour they are away from the business products are not being made and this is where the problem manifests itself, especially if the business does demand product to be made each and every day.

Getting around this problem

To be honest, as a person who has had several home based business over many years I have not come up with a great answer to this problem. I always found it quite stressful to spend half a day out and about sourcing packaging or materials, or even outlets for my products. It just becomes a matter of biting the bullet and getting the jobs done as quickly as possible so that product can continue to be made.

Developing a home based candle business

Businesses go through growing stages and as a business is approaching the next step in growth there is often a staffing gap where the business is not keeping up with supply, but there is not enough work for another employee.

Getting around this problem can be quite easy if you can find someone who is prepared to start with you and do just a few hours a week with increased hours as the business grows. This is the best way for a home based business to grow in strength as all businesses need to do eventually.

The alternative would be to get a family member to help out, but this is not always possible if they have other commitments.

Outsourcing some work

Another way to ensure that your time is being used where it is best needed, in the manufacturing, outsource some of the jobs that a small business has to do. For example, get a bookkeeper in on a regular basis to keep your books up to date so that you do not overspend and you keep your finances under control.

In a candle making home business you could outsource some candle making, or you could outsource packaging if you sold packaged products. Or another job that could be outsourced is the decorating of candles, especially for seasonal occasions like Christmas and Easter.


Many home based candle making business sell from market stalls, but even in these situations the products need to be marketed well for the best results. Another popular way to sell candles from a home candle making business is to set up a website. Just having a website with pretty pictures is not good enough to make substantial sales, so make sure you use someone who knows what they are doing to get your site set up properly then put the time in to make sure the website gets good exposure.

Regardless of how busy you may be in making candles your home based candle making business needs to be marketed so make sure you spend the equivalent of one hour per day marketing your business. It is absolutely essential that a business is marketed well and consistently or it just fades away.